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Callender Inc.- Company Information on Policies and Safety Plan

At Callender Inc. our Consultants and Employees strive to provide the best services as possible. In doing so we must always comply with and maintain the Company policies and safety regulations of our contractors. As we provide services for other Company’s we will follow the strictest regulations and guidelines set up for that job site. This ensures that no consultant and/or employees will be put into harms way. As a rule of thumb, cialis sale health we will also use the highest caution and judgment necessary for each job.

Basic Safety Guidelines for Callender Inc.:

  • On the agreed upon safety policies of the oil company, cialis sale drugstore we will always follow the policy that keeps us the safest.
  • The Consultant or Employee may use discretion concerning any job that may not comply with safety regulations.
  • Consultants or Employees will stop work to go over safety procedures when unsafe.
  • Every accident is preventable, prescription when you plan ahead.
  • Consultants and Employees will go by the strictest Job Safety Analysis and/or Job Safety Plan.
  • Our goal as Consultants and Employees is to keep everyone and everything out of harms way.
  • Each incident will be reported, documented and recorded.
  • Safety training shall be updated continually.
  • Taking time to go over safety procedures before each job ensures safety for all.
  • To keep $1,000,000 Liability on any vehicle driven on customers property and to furnish Callender Inc with proof. and maintaining a current copy of this insurance.
  • Well Control/BOP Certificate- must be current or have a plan to get current.

Complying with these and other safety regulations will help each individual to provide the best services necessary to complete the tasks at hand. This ensures services that are both outstanding and regarded as the best.

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