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Achieving the 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' attitude as a Consultant

Johnny-on-the-spot as a noun means "an unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, and seizing an opportunity!"


Definition: Work to improve the immediate performance of others; facilitates their skill development; and gives feedback in a manner that facilitates confidence and maintains self-esteem.

Behavioral Indicators:

− Reinforces effective behaviors or results through acknowledgement, recognition and/or feedback in a timely manner

− Clearly states actual performance compared to expected or desired performance

− Devotes time to providing task-related help to others

− Asks questions that help other people recognize the need for performance improvement

− Expresses confidence in an individual's ability to meet or exceed expectations

− Takes time to listen to other's issues and concerns

− Discusses problems immediately, before they are forgotten or out of control

− Encourages others to voice their concerns and constructive criticism

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The oil and gas game can be a tricky one for junior companies, but if played right the pay-off can be massive. At a time when juniors are risking a lot in volatile venues in the Middle East and Africa, Canada's Aroway Energy (ARW) is planting its feet firmly in homeland soil and in conventional plays.

Why? Because for the smaller juniors this is not a long-term game??? and blowing all your capital to drill a single unconventional well in a risky frontier won't pay off. Canada still has plenty to offer for juniors, even though you have to kiss plenty of frogs to find the prince. The end game, after all, is merger and acquisition.

In an exclusive interview with, Aroway CEO Chris Cooper discusses:

How to make or break a junior oil and gas company

Why rail is becoming more attractive than pipeline transit

Why most juniors won't make it big in risky frontiers

Why Keystone XL will get the green light

Why oil and gas prices will increase

Why the smaller juniors will stick to the conventional plays

How the asset market is heating up ... and what is ideal

Why having control of infrastructure is key to success

Where Canada's oil and gas industry will be in a decade

What every junior's goal should be

To read the entire interview visit:

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Achieving the 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' attitude as a Consultant

Johnny-on-the-spot as a noun means "an unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, and seizing an opportunity!"

Interpersonal Relationships:

Thinks carefully about the likely effect on others of one's words, actions, appearance and mode of behavior. Maintains stable performance and emotional control when faced with opposition, pressure, hostility from others and/or stressful conditions.

Behavioral Indicators:

- Demonstrates appropriate and professional behavior at all times.

- Uses a high degree of tact and diplomacy in working with others.

- Models and exercises sound judgment regarding personal conduct.

- Earns the respect of others.

- Stays calm in the face of others' anger or lack of control or when faced with complaints.

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Fall from V-Door results in Near Miss

What Happened:

The Crew was in the process of preparing to lay downd the directional tool. One crew member was running the hoist while the other was unchaining the snatch block from the hadrail next to the V-door post. The crew member running the hoist was pulling slack from the lay-down line when it snagged on the substructure pulling the line tight against the crew member standing next to the V-door post and the open V-door gate. The now tightened lay-down line pushed the crew member  out of the open V-door and down the V-door slide where he hit the pipe and rolled onto the catwalk. The injured person sustained some minor swelling and discomfort to his back.

What Caused It:

- The V-door gate was opened pre-maturely which allowed the injured person to work from a height without the use of a guard rail in place.

- The injured person and the crew member running the hoist were not communicating properly during this procedure.

- The snatch block was hung from a handrail too close to the open V-door area.

- The crew became complacent and did not recognize the potential hazard in performing multiple tasks at the same time.

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: To address this incident, generic cialis sale sovaldi sale this company did the following:

- Reviewed and/or updated all JSAs for this particular task and the information was shared amongst all rigs in the fleet.

- Reminded crew members that the V-door gate should never be open until you are ready to either lay something down or lift something to the rig floor. The crew members were also reminded to take one step at a time.

- Reminded all crew members to remain in constant communication during such a task.

- Informed all rigs that the snatch block should be hung below the V-door gate. This would allow the V-door gate to remain closed until they are ready to open it.

- The crew was reminded about the need to recognize the potential of all hazards while performing their job tasks.


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Achieving the 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' attitude as a Consultant

Johnny-on-the-spot as a noun means "an unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, and seizing an opportunity!"


Demonstrates an understanding of the link between one's own job responsibilities and overall organizational goals and needs, and performs one's job with the broader goals in mind.

Behavioral Indicators:

- Helps and supports fellow employees in their work to contribute to overall organization success.

- Demonstrates understanding of the overall business – its goals, purpose, functions, competition, etc. – that helps increase employee commitment and interest.

- Looks beyond the requirements of one's own job to offer suggestions for improvements of overall organization operations.

- Takes personal ownership in organization's success.

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Safety - Articles & Info

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