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Achieving the 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' attitude as a Consultant

Johnny-on-the-spot as a noun means "an unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, and seizing an opportunity!"

Responsibility, Authority and Accountability

Behavioral Indicators:

Examples of measured safety behavior at various levels include:

- Top/Mid-level managers: Measurement at this level includes personal behavior, safety activities, and statistical results, such as following company safety and health rules, enforcing safety and health rules, arranging safety and health training and workers' compensation costs.

- Supervisors: Measurement should include personal safety behavior and safety activities, which they are able to control, such as making sure employees, have safe materials and equipment, following and enforcing safety rules, and conducting safety meetings.

- Employees: Measurement usually includes personal behavior, such as complying with safety and health rules, and reporting injuries and hazards

U.S. Department of Labor/ Occupational Safety & Health Administration

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Lock-out/Tag-out is a safety procedure in place that insures any piece of equipment that is being worked on cannot be inadvertently powered up or started in any way while workers are repairing it. A designated worker on each crew (usually the Motorman) is in charge of the locks and tags. To begin, the designated worker must notify the Rig Manager, Driller and all workers on the location of the lock-out he is about to perform. Then he can shut down and lock out the equipment to be worked on. Before work can begin he must insure that all stored energy in the equipment is released. Examples of this would be when working on mud pumps. After the mud pumps are shut down and locked out you have to insure a relief valve (usually a 2") is open to relieve any pressure trapped in the pumps or mud lines. (Other examples include relieving Hydraulic or Air Pressure from Hydraulic or Air operated equipment) When this is done and he is sure all potential stored energy hazards are relieved, then he should test the equipment by turning on the Start/Run switch to insure the equipment is 100% Locked Out.

Locking Out Equipment

Is not always a straight-forward procedure and at times requires some ingenuity on your part. An example would be the valves in the photo on the left. You can easily notice in this circumstance the valve handles had to be removed, and then chains and a Lock and Tag were put in place. There won't always be a convenient place in the SCR House to lock the equipment out. Instances that come to mind would be working on an Air Hoist.

(You would need to close the air supply valve in the substructure and find a way to lock it out and tag it)

Safety - Articles & Info


Safety Quotes from PEC

In PEC's last edition they included some good safety quotes and invited you to submit your own. Here are some of the ones they received:

• "Think about the consequences of an unsafe action – would you let a loved one do that?"

• "Make safety a priority no matter Who or Where or Why – we all have someone who loves us."

• "Rule #1-At the end of the Day–Go Home in the same condition you went to work in"

• "Rule #2-Were you Safe today or were you just Lucky?"

And here is one of our favorites:

"Never Saddle a Dead Horse."        This is the way we teach personnel who are using a Crosby clip on wire rope to always put the "U Bolt" over the dead part of the cable (See Example Above). We have always thought it had a second meaning – Don't make the mistake of pushing safety policies that aren't effective. Sometimes we can get caught up in safety programs that aren't much more than 'check the box" approaches and forget that our objective was the keep people from getting hurt. Just like you shouldn't put a saddle on a horse that will never reach its destination, you shouldn't put your faith in any policy that doesn't keep people safe.

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Safety - Articles & Info


At the core of everything we do here at PEC, health we have one ultimate goal in mind: helping people. As a business we strive to help the hard workingmen and women of the oil and gas industry work in a safe manner so that they can return home to their families. As people we want to engage in activities that help in other ways.

As such we began a fundraising campaign to partner with Amazon Outreach out of Dallas, TX, in support of their Wells4Hope project. Through the drilling of water wells, this project provides much needed clean, uncontaminated water sources to the people and villages along the Amazon River in Brazil. Estimates show that globally 3.4 million people die every year from unclean water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes; a high percentage of fatalities are children.

For this reason our employees led our efforts to make a difference. Our motto is "We Support Drilling, Clean Water Wells = Life". Through raffles, lunches, dress-down days, and other events we raised $5,000 in 6 months. PEC matched that dollar for dollar and on March 25, 2013 we held a celebration luncheon, heard from guest speaker Jed Thompson – Executive Director of Amazon Outreach, and presented him with a check for $10,000. To date, Amazon Outreach has drilled over 90 wells and we are excited that our funds will add 2-4 new wells to that list making those who will use them happier and much healthier.

Safety - Articles & Info



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Safety - Articles & Info

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