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Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that could have been prevented with the proper selection and use of eye and face protection. Eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, viagra sale medical expenses, there and worker compensation.........

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for the eyes and face is designed to prevent or lessen the severity of injuries to workers. The employer must assess the workplace and determine if hazards that necessitate the use of eye and face protection are present or are likely to be present before assigning PPE to workers. [29 CFR 1910.132(d)].

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Beat The Heat Weather Ready Nation Campaign


Heat is one of the leading weather-related killer in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year. In the disastrous heat wave of 1980, more than 1,250 people died. In the heat wave of 1995 more than 700 deaths in the Chicago area were attributed to heat, making this the deadliest weather event in Chicago history. In August 2003, a record heat wave in Europe claimed an estimated 50,000 lives.

North American summers are hot; most summers see heat waves in one or more parts of the United States. East of the Rockies, they tend to combine both high temperatures and high humidity, although some of the worst heat waves have been catastrophically dry.

NOAA's Watch, Warning, and Advisory Products for Extreme Heat

Each National Weather Service Forecast Office issues the following heat-related products as conditions warrant:

• Excessive Heat Outlooks: are issued when the potential exists for an excessive heat event in the next 3-7 days. An Outlook provides information to those who need considerable lead-time to prepare for the event, such as public utility staff, emergency managers and public health officials. See the mean heat index and probability forecasts maps.

• Excessive Heat Watches: are issued when conditions are favorable for an excessive heat event in the next 24 to 72 hours. A Watch is used when the risk of a heat wave has increased but its occurrence and timing is still uncertain. A Watch provides enough lead-time so that those who need to prepare can do so, such as cities officials who have excessive heat event mitigation plans.

• Excessive Heat Warning/Advisories are issued when an excessive heat event is expected in the next 36 hours. These products are issued when an excessive heat event is occurring, is imminent, or has a very high probability of occurring. The warning is used for conditions posing a threat to life. An advisory is for less serious conditions that cause significant discomfort or inconvenience and, if caution is not taken, could lead to a threat to life.



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Australia-based oil-and-gas company Austin Exploration has unveiled the identity of its partner in a previously announced drilling project in South Texas' Eagle Ford Shale.

The company said in May that a major U.S. oil firm would fund its next three horizontal wells in Burleson County in exchange for a 70 percent stake in the project.

On Tuesday, Austin officials said Houston-based Halcon Resources - which has existing holdings in the Eagle Ford, the Bakken and other domestic shale plays - is its partner in the 4,221-acre Burleson County venture.

Austin estimates the cost of drilling the wells in the $24 million to $27 million range.

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June 10, 2013

The shale revolution that started here in the Barnett Shale could have even bigger potential worldwide in countries such as Russia and China, according to the Energy Information Administration report released today.

Russia's potential for shale oil dwarfs the United States by 17 billion barrels. Looking at shale gas, the U.S. (665 trillion cubic feet) is actually fourth behind China (1,115 trillion cubic feet), Argentina (802 trillion cubic feet) and Algeria (707 trillion cubic feet).


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Achieving the 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' attitude as a Consultant

Johnny-on-the-spot as a noun means "an unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, and seizing an opportunity!"

4 Things a Manager Should Never Say

People listen to leaders. It's one of the qualities that help define them as leaders -- and their followers as followers. But because of this, leaders need to mind what they are saying, and avoid knee-jerk responses. "A leader's brain must always work things out ahead of his mouth speaking them," says Patrick Alain, author of The Leader Phrase Book: 3000+ Phrases That Put You In Command.  To help wannabe leaders cement their status, Alain has compiled a shortlist of four phrases that a good leader will never, ever say.

1. "That's Impossible"

This flip statement will hurt your credibility in two ways, says Alain. "It is inherently negative and makes the individual who uttered the statement or remark feel like they need to justify it immediately. [Also] using this phrase in excess can expose the user as someone who wantonly trivializes others and their work, even if they don't really mean to

2. "[John Doe] is a jerk"

Randomly gossiping about or putting down others will kill confidence in you as a respectable leader. "Even just venting frustration near the coffee machine or in a chat window can prove disastrous. Anyone with an axe to grind can forward your vent simply by clicking [send]," says Alain.

If you need to discuss a problem employee with another colleague, discuss it with the appropriate person -- privately and in a constructive way. For instance, "I have a tough time seeing eye to eye with [John Doe]," says Alain. John Doe may eventually hear your concerns, but through the right channels -- not the grapevine.

3. "My way or the highway"

Real leaders don't give ultimatums. "Ultimatums like this one don't usually solve anything. In fact, open threats often lead to grievances and even litigation," says Alain. If you really have a problem with an insubordinate direct report, use the proper steps (and guidance from HR) to work through the issues. You may still need to let someone go -- but you'll likely sleep better at night knowing you gave him official notice of his shortcomings and tried to help him improve. And others will likely notice how you handled this situation.

4. "I'm always right"

Using this phrase is the equivalent of taping the word "narcissist" to your forehead. "Anyone tempted to use this phrase runs the danger of being perceived as distant, haughty and self-aggrandized," say Alain. That said, there are some situations, particularly if you are in a decision-making position, where you really need to take control. If you must leave no room for discussion, Alain suggests starting with, "I'm sure you can agree with me when I say..."Avoid these lines and people will be more likely to follow your lead.

Stay tuned for monthly 'Johnny-On-The-Spots'

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