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Thanks to the many new MSA's and the stellar safety record that all of the Callender, Inc. Team has helped us achieve, the continental US is being populated with quality consultants from Callender, Inc. We pride ourselves on being more of a CO-OP of oil field consultants, meaning our contract consultants are our partners, not just a way for us to make money. We promise to always keep it that way. Giving all the money possible back to you, while also giving you all the tools needed to stay competitive and on the cutting edge of Safety!

Thanks for all your support- The Callender, Inc. Team

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Woodford Shale Facts

State – Oklahoma

Thickness – 120-220 Feet

Depth – 6,000-12,000 Feet

Geologic Age – Mississippian

Reservoir Pressure- 3,000 -5,000 psi

Basin- Arkoma, Anadarko

Cost to Drill Well- $ 2-3 Million

What is the Woodford Shale Formation? The Woodford Shale Natural Gas Field (Oklahoma Shale) is located in Southeastern Oklahoma. To many oil and gas companies, the Woodford Shale field holds a promising source of Natural Gas. This Natural Gas is trapped in the shale rock thousands of feet below the ground. Companies first drill vertical wells, and then drill horizontally with fracturing techniques, which involves fracturing the shale rock deposits with high pressured water. This then releases the trapped gas. The Woodford Shale play is the result of what has happened in the Barnett Shale find for the past 20 years. Companies have gained a vast amount of their experience drilling wells in Barnett and can use this experience along with new technologies when they drill in the Woodford Shale Gas Field.

Over 1,500 wells have already been drilled with many more to come. The sweet spots located in the Woodford Shale are McIntosh County to Hughes, Coal, Pittsburg and Atoka counties. Companies are leasing land in order to explore natural gas. In addition, these landholders often get up to 15% royalties on the Natural Gas found in the Woodford Shale. Fresh news in 2009, Marathon Oil has announced they are drilling in Canadian County, OK.

Back to Horizontal Drilling - Many years ago companies wouldn't be drilling this Woodford shale because of old technologies and the price of natural gas was low. Now it makes economic sense. Although Horizontal wells at Woodford Shale cost a lot more then vertical wells, soaring natural gas prices have made these shale plays a gold mine. It's a huge frenzy similar to the gold rush. People are becoming millionaires just for leasing their land to natural gas companies!

Geologists have known about Woodford shale for a long time but companies have only started exploring it ten years ago. Drilling only started several years ago. This has boosted the average salary of the citizens from 26,000 to near 35,000-40,000 per year in McAlester. Some say if you drive through Atoka, Coalgate, and McAlester, they are totally transformed. Great wealth is being created every year.

While Devon Energy drilled the first well back in 2005, many companies have taken over the Woodford Shale in hopes to strike in big. Estimates are coming in that the Woodford Shale holds around 4 trillion cubic feet of Natural Gas. The Woodford Shale Gas Field is not the only hot shale play out there.

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Achieving the 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' attitude as a Consultant

Johnny-on-the-spot as a noun means "an unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, and seizing an opportunity!"


Changes behavioral style or method of approach when necessary to achieve a goal; adjusts style as appropriate to the needs of the situation. Responds to change with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new ways to accomplish work activities and objectives.

Behavioral Indicators

- Looks for ways to make changes work rather than only identifying why change will not work.

- Adapts to change quickly and easily.

- Makes suggestions for increasing the effectiveness of changes.

- Shows willingness to learn new methods, procedures, or techniques, resulting from departmental or University-wide change.

- Shifts strategy or approach in response to the demands of a situation.


Stay tuned for monthly 'Johnny-On-The-Spots'

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CalvaryMentorI'm not sure when it happens, but it seems that our kids go through different stages. First, we have to carry them everywhere because they can't walk. After they learn to walk, they want to walk everywhere. Sometime after that, they want to be carried again. And it seems that finally sometime later they want to walk again. Last year we went to the Texas state fair. My oldest daughter, Morgan, is 5 years old and was in the last stage of this progression when we went. She didn't want to be carried, she wanted to show everyone that she was a big girl. She wanted to walk everywhere because she's not a baby anymore and she can ride the big rides and do the big kid things.


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CalvaryMentorMy wife and I used to have an old Corsica. After several years of driving abuse, it began to show signs of wear. I was beginning to have to repair one thing or the other on that dumb car. One time the radiator got a leak so I had to fix that, the alternator went out, the alignment went out, the horn quit working, the door stopped opening...every little thing started to break on it. Finally, I told Ceresa that if I was going to have to spend money and work on something all the time, it might as well be something I liked. I began to scour the newspaper and internet for a new vehicle. We decided that we should either get an old Bronco or a Jeep. After weeks of searching, I found a pristine 1983 Jeep CJ-7. I went to look at it and it was an awesome vehicle. It had a 4" lift kit, 33 inch tires, soft top, half was everything I wanted. Finally, after much persuading and a test drive, I put the money together and got it. I noticed when I test drove it that it hesitated a lot, but the owner said that it was just cold natured. I also noticed that the steering was extremely sensitive. Well, I drove it for a while, and it still hesitated. In fact, I drove it for a couple of weeks and it was still messing up. I took it to a mechanic and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. After some research, I found out that the distributor was in wrong. I fixed it and went on. I added some bracing to fix the steering. I put in another brake master cylinder. What was going on? I thought I had bought a turn key jeep! Finally, after much ridicule and busted knuckles, I had it fixed. One day, we were driving down the interstate. I patted it on the dash and told Ceresa that "she (the jeep)" was going to be OK. About that time, we heard a loud thud and I look out her door and the drive shaft was bouncing down the road. See, I had bought something that looked great, but on the inside it wasn't a jeep, it was a heap.


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