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The Callender Inc. Safety Strategy - Push n' Pull for Safety - 2011

Upon studying "developing discussions" we found that emotions activate areas of the brain that can direct our focus or motivate a behavior and help direct a calculated/educated response.

So in our opinion, PUSHing something that creates a reaction, and having a place where people feel free to discuss concerns, ask questions and create open-ended discussions(PULL). Should eventually lead to a more thought out and educated response.


Push- Engaging of emotions and Initiating conversation.

Pull- Open-ended discussions, which generate critical thinking.

We plan on PUSHING you to ENGAGE.

Each month this year we will explore different behaviors of PUSH n' PULL

Connecting_Puzzles_800x400Communicating effectively and efficiently takes preparation and practice.

2 years ago Callender, Inc. came up with a slogan to improve our team's success, "Are you up to PAR? (Plan, Activate, Reflect)

We applied this slogan to all of our team meetings, business meetings, staff meetings, business trips, etc. We found that we communicated better and learned new things about each other, thus creating interpersonal relationships within the team. All 3 elements are essential for communication and growth. For communication to be successful the receiver must understand the message. It is always a two-way street. Therefore planning for these opportunities is a vital part of communicating clearly.

Below are also some key items to remember:

-What and why are you communicating?

-Who is it that will be receiving the information? (Knowing how they will understand or receive the information is crucial in how you plan on delivering the information. That is why building relationships and knowing who you are dealing with is so important)


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Connecting_Puzzles_800x400Communication has become effortless... but have we forgotten how valuable a physical connection is?

It is evident that we live in a world that has quickly become "connected". We have developed an automatic response to certain stimuli, for instance, when we hear that familiar "DING" (whether it be from our cell phone or other electronic device) we have an uncontrollable urge to check the incoming message. We have undoubtedly become an instant gratification society. Messages are sent with high hopes of receiving a response in a "timely manner". When we don't receive a response in this "timely manner" we begin to feel anxious and even distraught. Often questioning the way we communicated. "I know the point I was trying to make but did I saying it in a way that they could understand?"

In all this CONNECTEDNESS are we really connecting?


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brain-exercises"If you focus on results, ed you will never see change. If you focus on change, salve you will get results." ~Jack Dixon

As an adult you have developed methods and shortcuts for processing information quickly and formed a routine to carry out daily tasks without effort. This system is engraved in our being to save time, remedy energy and sometimes money. But what are the repercussions of our routine systems? ERRORS

Your brains is a very unique organ, capable of producing chemicals in your body to enhance your focus. By using a visualization of fear the brain is activated and stimulated. This stimulation produces the chemical Epinephrine, AKA adrenaline. Adrenaline elevates your heart rate, boosts your blood pressure and increases sugar levels in the bloodstream which promotes brain activity. Your brain is an ever changing organ and needs to be stimulated in order to grow and develop. Keeping your brain active is not the only thing you can do to stay sharp. Exercising, hydrating properly and eating healthy are important factors to not only keeping your brain healthy but your body as well. Helping your brain stay fit and active is very important in each of our daily routines. With a fit brain we stay less distracted and more focused on the task at hand.


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Front_Cover_07-11"You have no choice about being a role mode. You are one... it comes with the job. The only choice you have is which role you'll model" - Anonymous

Leadership is a hot topic in this era. As a leader we should always be focusing on how to create a better future. However, many times our focus as managers and leaders is more on how to not screw things up. This course of action is important, but can create a barrier of red tape over possible lessons learned. A better future for your organization comes from positive attitudes, involvement, and group ingenuity. Great leaders are innovative - always eager for new ideas. They think "outside the box". Innovators know that when mistakes are made that it becomes a platform for teaching new lessons and possibly the revamping of old procedures. Such leaders know how to help people within their organization work more collaboratively and creatively together.


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Front_Cover_07-11The Push n Pull journey this year has illustrated the elements required to create leaders who engage and promote safe behaviors. Perseverance, thumb Motivation and Passion are 3 components harnessed by savvy leaders. Good leaders know that it takes persistence, and patience to perfect a good business team. But how does a leader create opportunities to engage and promote safe behaviors?



Push n Pull - Company Blog

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