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Integrity is a Decision! Only you can apply integrity into your life. Definition of Integrity - The quality of Integrity isn't something you demonstrate at home and then set on a shelf at work.

Mind - Body - Spirit = Wholeness

Integrity - Doing the right thing when no one is watching

Being the same person all the time

"It's who you are when you are alone"

It is life lived with ... Consistency

Integrity involves the 3 R's

Respect for yourself

Respect for others

Responsibility for all of your actions


Honesty - means whatever you have done, good or bad, you speak the truth about it. In other words you don't lie.

The difference between Integrity and Honesty is that Integrity doesn't allow you to do wrong, because you know it's not right.

Lead by Example - It starts with You, People are watching you.

"People Do what People See" - you alone control your integrity.

Choices have consequences - Choose Wisely

Ask yourself "What kind of example am I setting?"

Every Task....

The Right Way...

Every Time...

Even when no one is watching...

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