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By Pastor Calvary Callender

When I was in 6th grade we were at the age that boyfriends and girlfriends started to be important. Seemed like everybody had one, so I wanted one. I don’t remember who I might have had a crush on, but I do remember there was a girl that was available, so I asked her to be mine. She said yes, even told me she loved me on the phone one night (that freaked me out a little). The next day at school, somebody asked her if we were “going out” and before I could say anything she said, “No, we’re just friends.” Needless to say, we soon became "just friends."

I'll never forget the way that made me feel. To think that there was someone who was supposed to be my girlfriend, and she was embarrassed by me! While that was a tough moment in my life, I have never forgotten the lesson that it taught me. I vowed to never make anybody feel that way. I have carried that lesson into my relationship with God. I want to reciprocate the love that he has for me, and I want to do it with more than words. I want to act like I know and love him. You know, words are cheap. Love worth having is worth demonstrating.

Did you know that 55% of all communication is body language? Our actions really do speak louder than words. This is why expressions of love in a relationship are important. If we claim to know and love God, we should be willing to express that love. I never want God to feel like I did on that day.

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