HLC  It was a hot, humid, August day in Hobbs, NM. I can still remember the football practice that left my 8 year old      body ready to give up. I was tired, it was hot, and I was done. On the ride home I told my dad that I was through with football (which I'm sure didn't make him too happy, avid football fan that he is). I'll never forget how he responded. He didn't chastise me, or tell me how disappointed he was, he simply told me he thought I should stick with it a little while longer. "I don't think you should quit," he said, "I think you should finish this year out" he continued. "I know you're not a quitter.

I didn't realize it at the time, but he was teaching me how to persevere. He was teaching me the importance of not quitting. That is a lesson that has grown with me all of my life, and now I am the one issuing the advice. As a pastor, leader, friend, and father, if the opportunity comes up, I let people know the importance of perseverance.

Teaching me not to give up wasn't the only thing I learned from my dad. The list is probably too long to write here, but he taught me many things...from tying knots in a rope, to walking a dog, to changing a flat tire. These are things that I, in turn, have learned to teach others.

Father's day is coming up, and that has really got me to thinking about my dad. I know that not everyone still has their father around, but I don't think the point is to focus on that. We all have a circle of influence. We all have people in our lives that look up to us and seek advice from us. There are also those to whom we look for counsel ourselves. You may not be a father, or even still have your father, so this Father's day let's not only celebrate our Father's, but also those who have influenced our lives in a profound way. Let's also remember that we may never know whose life we have had an impact on.

I'm not sure who has been your mentor, or who you have mentored, but my hope is that you will remember them on Father's day!

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