CalvaryMentorI'm not sure when it happens, but it seems that our kids go through different stages. First, we have to carry them everywhere because they can't walk. After they learn to walk, they want to walk everywhere. Sometime after that, they want to be carried again. And it seems that finally sometime later they want to walk again. Last year we went to the Texas state fair. My oldest daughter, Morgan, is 5 years old and was in the last stage of this progression when we went. She didn't want to be carried, she wanted to show everyone that she was a big girl. She wanted to walk everywhere because she's not a baby anymore and she can ride the big rides and do the big kid things.


As the day wore on, and it was close to time for us to leave, she looked like she was about to give out. None of us had been able to rest much that day and everyone was getting a little crabby. As we started back to the car, that seemed to be miles away, I guess Morgan got to the point that she didn't care how it looked anymore...she wanted to be carried. I gladly scooped her up into my arms, knowing that these times will not last forever.

I guess the reason I am telling you this story is that I want to learn a lesson from Morgan. I want to be able to admit my weakness. I don't mean that I want to go around telling everyone how weak and sorry I am, but I need to know my limitations. I know there are certain things in my life that I am not the best at. As a leader, I want to bring people around me that are strong where I am weak. We need to know our limitations and allow people to help us in the areas that we need help. Imagine what could be accomplished if we would all do this!

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