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I can remember driving down the highway in that old '84 red Ford Grenada station wagon. My sister and I were in the back seat and I was tired of her messing with me. "OK," I said, "See this imaginary line right here?" I drew a line with my hand down the middle of the back seat. "You cannot cross this line." "That side is yours and this is mine." Most of you have been there at some time or other. Eventually negotiations break down and one or the other side crosses the line and gets real close, but then starts to say, "I'm not touching you...I'm not touching you."

You see, we all have our own kingdom. It is our sphere of influence, the place where what we say goes. As children driving down the road sitting in that back seat, our sphere was pretty small. Eventually, mom or dad gets tired of the whole deal and says, "This is my kingdom and I will stop this car right now if y'all don't cut it out!"

We all have kingdoms and they are all junked up with lying, cheating, and manipulation as we strive to get ahead. Then our kingdoms merge to form bigger kingdoms and all of our actions ripple outward and intersect with others'. Before you it know everything is just one big mess. Our families, schools, companies, nations, etc. The one thing that seems to remain steady throughout all of the kingdoms is that everyone is out for their own agendas and their own kingdoms.

It seems to me that this world would be a better place if that wasn't the case. Imagine a place where other people's kingdoms are not violated, where people work together for the common good. Can you imagine living in a world like that? What would that be like? This is the kind of place I would like to live in. That is the type of movement I want to be involved in. Now think about your life...your kingdom. Think about the company you work for or maybe even are in charge of. If everybody was working together for the common good of your company, how much better could it be?

Here's the kicker, though, it has to start somewhere. As long as we are only talking about it, this will never be anything more than an idea in our head. Will you be the first one? Will this start a revolution? Here's how to kind, compassionate, loving and generous and see what kind of difference that will make in your life and the lives of those around you.

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