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TORONTO -- A request for the U.S. government to suspend its review of the Keystone XL pipeline could delay any decision until the next president takes office — potentially leaving the fate of the controversial project in the hands of a more supportive Republican administration.

TransCanada, the company behind the project, said Monday it had asked the State Department to suspend its review of the Canada-to-Texas pipeline, citing uncertainties about the route it would take through Nebraska.

TransCanada officials fear President Barack Obama will reject the project. If the U.S. agrees to the suspension — which is not assured — that would leave the decision in the hands of the next president.

While Democratic candidates, including front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, oppose the project, Republican candidates support it.

Some pipeline opponents contend that TransCanada hopes to delay the review process in case a more sympathetic Republican candidate wins the 2016 presidential election.

The State Department review is mandated as part of the application process because the $8 billion pipeline crosses an international border.

Keystone X'd? TransCanada Asks U.S. to Suspend Application Review

State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said Tuesday that the State Department will continue its review of the project while considering TransCanada's request. She noted that the company has not withdrawn its application to build the pipeline.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that the move to delay the review appeared to be politically motivated. 



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By Pastor Calvary Callender

loved her little doll. She took it everywhere and did everything with it. Eventually, because of her love for this doll, the family fell in love with the doll as well. In fact, when Mandy grew up and left the house, her mom packed the doll with care and stored it as a keep sake. He tells of a time that they were on a family trip and left the doll, Pandy, in a hotel room and drove some distance before they realized it was gone. Because of Mandy's love for Pandy, the family turned the car around and went back to pick up Pandy.

While this may seem like a silly story, the meaning is significant. You see, this story illustrates true love. There are really two types of love, shallow love and real love. Shallow love is the kind of love that is drawn to an object or person because that object is attractive, important, can give me status, or makes me feel good. We deal with this type of love every day. In fact, we all play the game. We work hard to convince everybody else that we are lovable. What we wear, what we drive, how much money we have, what neighborhood we live in, are all things that we feel might give us value in other people's eyes.

There is another kind of love that creates value in what is loved. We are all rag dolls. No matter how hard we try, how far we climb, what we wear, we are all rag dolls. Honestly, nothing we can do will help us escape the raggedness. Sure, we may be able to hide the raggedness from time to time, but it doesn't change the nature of who we are.

This is why I am such a fan of Jesus. Jesus came to earth to start a different kind of Kingdom. A place where people who get trashed on down here can be loved as if they were up there. What I mean is that He came to bring Heaven to us, and teach us how to live as if we were in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus didn't only come to pay for us to be able to go to heaven when we die, he came to teach us how to live now. How to love each other like he loves us.

Remember, we are all ragdolls. The next time you look at someone, remember that, and try to look at them the way Jesus might. His kingdom is available to

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Submitted by Michael McChesney

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Pulling the trigger on investing opportunities can be difficult at the best of times. To step back and see the bigger perspective might help a DIY investor to understand the short term market anomalies that otherwise keeps them awake at night. Lately, it's been declining oil prices. What is underlying such a dramatic shift in the price of oil, and is it yet time to invest?

Let's put this into context.

Declining Oil Prices

If you own an oil stock, it's a miserable time. In less than 6 months, most of the producer stocks are 50% or more off their highs. Oil drilling technological advances in the West have created increased supplies at a time of waning global demand due to economic slowdowns in major regions around the globe (ie., Europe, Japan, BRIC's). This is a secular shift in the supply/demand metrics. The reservoirs of the world are overflowing. More oil cannot be stockpiled except at higher and higher costs. Even the world's largest supertankers are being rented out by oil traders to store excess capacity.

This pressure on current oil prices has resulted in something called the "Contango Effect". Normally the current price of a commodity is higher than the price of a future for that commodity. With oil being in such oversupply, it has resulted in the current price being lower than the futures contracts, therefore making it more valuable for oil traders to hold onto the physical commodity and to deliver the oil to a worthy destination at a later time. This is a temporary but disruptive process. How does the market remedy this dysfunction? Normally this is the signal to stop producing oil and let the excess be absorbed. But oil production is carrying-on unabated. Why is this and when will it stop?

Oil as a Proxy

We need to keep in mind that oil is not just a commodity that serves to fuel the world's machines, it is also a proxy currency used by despots and dictators. To Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, it is their primary source of revenue. Their annual budgets rely heavily upon oil & natural gas revenues. They produce oil to garner hard $USD to help fuel their budgets. In the alternative universe where capitulation is a sign of weakness, none of them want to be seen to be "blinking" by arresting their oil production. If they stop production, they will lose market share, particularly to the Western private companies with all of this new drilling technology & capacity. The price of oil has been sliding because the usual forces of supply and demand have been truncated by political wills. In the interim, these despotic states are hoping that global demand perks-up and absorbs the overflow and stabilizes oil prices at higher levels.


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By Pastor Calvary Callender

When I was in 6th grade we were at the age that boyfriends and girlfriends started to be important. Seemed like everybody had one, so I wanted one. I don’t remember who I might have had a crush on, but I do remember there was a girl that was available, so I asked her to be mine. She said yes, even told me she loved me on the phone one night (that freaked me out a little). The next day at school, somebody asked her if we were “going out” and before I could say anything she said, “No, we’re just friends.” Needless to say, we soon became "just friends."

I'll never forget the way that made me feel. To think that there was someone who was supposed to be my girlfriend, and she was embarrassed by me! While that was a tough moment in my life, I have never forgotten the lesson that it taught me. I vowed to never make anybody feel that way. I have carried that lesson into my relationship with God. I want to reciprocate the love that he has for me, and I want to do it with more than words. I want to act like I know and love him. You know, words are cheap. Love worth having is worth demonstrating.

Did you know that 55% of all communication is body language? Our actions really do speak louder than words. This is why expressions of love in a relationship are important. If we claim to know and love God, we should be willing to express that love. I never want God to feel like I did on that day.

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