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Sally and Howard are no strangers to the rise and fall of oil prices, nor are they unprepared. After falling oil prices in the latter 80's, Sally and Howard devised a plan to rise above the sobering economy. In 1986, Callender Inc was known as Callender Services and thus began an endeavor to keep their family stable. Callender Services provided an array of services from oilfield consulting, selling tools, to repairing wells.

Sally Callender was the backbone of the company. Her diligent work with legal issues, accounting, MSA's and all the office duties kept Callender Services afloat. After many years of ethical work, we were asked to provide a large oil company with consultants for their rigs. Thus began the era of oilfield consulting. Howard and Sally's ability to read people lead to excellent representatives of the company. Their reputation for honest good people was refreshing. Callender Inc. was now a network of consultants and contractors that provides comprehensive drilling, workover, petroleum engineering, and technical consulting services worldwide. Callender Inc. possesses qualified and accomplished consultants in offshore and onshore operations, with international and domestic experience.

This large expansion just prior to 1997 provided them with the opportunity to incorporate their business. Howard and Sally bought 500 shares of stock each and always planned to expand.

Callender Inc. was a family based business and so Howard and Sally purposely exposed their children to every aspect of it in hopes that one day they would help and or be able to maintain the business when they were older. The oldest son, Calvary was called to the ministry while in college. Howard and Sally were ecstatic with this decision and only felt further blessed that they could, because of Callender Inc. support all his upcoming dreams of building the Kingdom. In 2007, after college Sarah, their daughter became manager of Callender Inc. this also brought forth the additional branch in California. Sarah purchased 300 Shares from Howard that year, now making us a valid women owned company.

Callender Inc's determination to continue to grow led to another expansion and diversification in 2009, with our energy management team. Clifford Milligan now owns 200 shares in the company, helping lead us further in future endeavors of going GREEN. With the ever-growing concern with the economy, global warming, green house gases, and carbon footprint, we now provide a next generation energy management system (Building Automation). This system aids commercial facilities to take control of their utilities by properly managing HVAC, lighting, card access, and many other building systems. By doing this, facilities are capable of cutting their operating utilities in half in most cases. Usually maintenance cost will go down as well.

Most important strengths and core competencies : Sally and Howard are always looking to grow, expand and to be apart of something bigger. This dream has influenced the company in the direction it is in now. We have kept family values and Christian attitude apart of our core beliefs.

The Callender Inc. Difference:

  • To adhere to only the highest ethical standards.
  • To promote our relationships with the customers who are vital to our success.
  • To recruit, train and retain people of high character and competence.
  • Small business, means less cost for you.

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