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"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"Maya Angelou

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Robert "Bob" Hayes

Bob is a Workover Consultant with Chevron through Callender Inc. He was born in Bakersfield, California and currently resides in Taft, California. He has been married to the love of his life, Gayle for 47 years. Yes, I said 47 years of marriage. They have 2 boys and a daughter. Robert is 49 years old, Ronnie 42 and Julie is 37. Bob has 4 grandchildren, Cori-19, Tayler-16, Brydon-15 and Seth-14 years old. 2 months ago he was blessed with a great-granddaughter, Ella Daniell. Bob's hobbies are target shooting, hunting and reading books about History and wars. Bob does work within his church, but his passion truly lies with the "Wounded Hero's Fund". He organizes a clay shoot annually to raise money for veterans. I can tell you with all confidence his heart is pure and true when it comes to the wounded vets. I have known Bob for sometime now and it is so uplifting to hear him speak about the wounded hero's.

Bob has many accomplishments both personal and work related. As a Workover Consultant he is without a doubt very downhole knowledgeable. He has work on special projects around the world and is beyond great at what he does. Bob has a very fun and inviting personality. This makes him someone that you want to be around. At the same time he speaks his mind and calls it like he see's it. Bob and Gayle live for each other. Bob believes strongly that "Life is about family and making a better life for our kids than what we had." He still continues to work so that he can help his children and grandchildren out if needed.

Bob is a great asset to the Callender Inc family. We think he is just a great guy to know and to have working for us.



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By Pastor Calvary Callender

When I was in 6th grade we were at the age that boyfriends and girlfriends started to be important. Seemed like everybody had one, so I wanted one. I don’t remember who I might have had a crush on, but I do remember there was a girl that was available, so I asked her to be mine. She said yes, even told me she loved me on the phone one night (that freaked me out a little). The next day at school, somebody asked her if we were “going out” and before I could say anything she said, “No, we’re just friends.” Needless to say, we soon became "just friends."

I'll never forget the way that made me feel. To think that there was someone who was supposed to be my girlfriend, and she was embarrassed by me! While that was a tough moment in my life, I have never forgotten the lesson that it taught me. I vowed to never make anybody feel that way. I have carried that lesson into my relationship with God. I want to reciprocate the love that he has for me, and I want to do it with more than words. I want to act like I know and love him. You know, words are cheap. Love worth having is worth demonstrating.

Did you know that 55% of all communication is body language? Our actions really do speak louder than words. This is why expressions of love in a relationship are important. If we claim to know and love God, we should be willing to express that love. I never want God to feel like I did on that day.

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Thank you Guy Gagne!

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Today, drivers increasingly use their cell phones in the car. While we recommend that you avoid talking on the phone while driving, we recognize it may be unavoidable at times. If you must use your cell phone while driving, here are a few cell phone safety tips to follow.

Safety Tips

Get to know your cell phone and its features, such as speed dial and redial.  Carefully read your instruction manual and learn to take advantage of valuable features most cell phones offer, including automatic redial and memory. Also, work to memorize the phone keypad so you can use the speed dial function without taking your attention off the road.

When available, use a hands-free device.   A number of hands-free cell phone accessories are readily available today. Whether you choose an installed mounted device for your cell phone or a speakerphone accessory, take advantage of these devices if available to you.

Position your cell phone within easy reach.  Place your cell phone within easy reach and where you can grab it without taking your eyes off of the road. If you receive a call at an inconvenient time, if possible, let your voice mail answer it for you.



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Eagle Ford Shale Play

The Eagle Ford Shale (EFS) is quite possibly the largest single economic development in the history of the state of Texas and ranks as the largest oil & gas development in the world based on capital invested. Almost $30 billion was spent developing the play in 2013. The Eagle Ford had more than a $60 billion dollar impact on the local South Texas economy in 2012 and over 116,000 Eagle Ford jobs were supported in the 20 county area impacted by the play. Add the jobs created in surrounding counties and the picture of a modern oil boom begins to take shape.

From record drilling levels to wells producing over 4,000 b/d of oil initially, the play is redefining South Texas as an oil industry hotbed. If you own a business in South Texas, begin thinking about how the Eagle Ford is changing the economic landscape and your future. Oil & gas production is bringing newfound wealth to the region.

Eagle Ford Shale Overview

The play is located in South Texas and produces from various depths between 4,000 and 14,000 feet. The EFS takes its name from the town of Eagle Ford Texas where the shale outcrops at the surface in clay form. Some operators refer to the play as the Eagleford.

The Eagle Ford is the most active shale plays in the world with over 200 rigs running. Operators are indicating the play will be developed for decades to come. If the development is new to you, visit our Eagle Ford Shale Drilling and Rig Count articles to keep up oil & gas activity across South Texas. The EFS benefits from high liquids yields across much of the play, which support well economics even while natural gas prices, are low.

Higher oil prices have helped spur development as oil, condensate, and NGLs (ethane, propane, and butane) all command better prices than natural gas.

If you're a mineral owner in South Texas, learn more about mineral rights at You can also discuss mineral rights topics with EFS land owners, visit

Eagle Ford Shale Geology

The Eagle Ford is a geological formation directly beneath the Austin Chalk. It is considered to be the "source rock", or the original source of hydrocarbons that are contained in the Austin Chalk above it. The formation was penetrated many times as operators targeted the Edwards Limestone formation along the Edwards Reef Trend.

The formation is best known for producing variable amounts of dry gas, wet gas, NGLs, condensate and oil. The most active area lies above the Edwards Reef Trend where the formation yields a gas-condensate production stream. Unlike many other shale plays, it does not exhibit natural fracturing within the formation.

Eagle Ford's Location

The Eagle Ford Shale Counties page provides a list and detail on the 30 counties where the EFS is or has been targeted. The core counties include an area that stretches from north of Gonzales down to Webb County at the Texas-Mexican border. EFS wells have been tested in Mexico, but results have not been widely reported and PEMEX is taking a slow approach to exploration.

Eagle Ford Companies

Petrohawk Energy is given credit for drilling the first modern-day EFS well in 2008. That year, the company began testing several areas across South Texas. The discovery horizontal well was completed with 10 frac stages along a 3,200ft lateral. The well-produced more than 7.6 MMcfd. Lewis Energy also claims part of the prize of leading the way. The company reports to have drilled the first EFS targeted well in 2002. Find more information on other companies through our Eagle Ford Operators page. You can also view midstream companies at the Eagle Ford Pipeline & Midstream page.

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