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 Have you ever wondered why the United States is not mentioned in the Bible? Are you concerned about the next presidential election? Do you believe we can postpone Christ's second coming by humbling ourselves in prayer? The answer to the last question is easy because Jesus said there is a set time, but only the Father knows it. Matthew 24:36. However, God is all knowing, and He already knows if we "will turn from our wicked ways and pray". 2 Chronicles 7:14

In Ezekiel 38 and 39 the Bible speaks about an invasion of Israel by Gog and Magog, (Russia), Libya, Ethiopia, and Persia,(Iran). The only thing that might be construed as the United States is in 38:13 where Israel's allies ask if Russia came to rob the people. "Young lions" might mean Great Brittain and the western culture. England even has a lion on the flag. It looks like a diplomatic response instead of helping with a war. It is very important that Israel stand alone, so God will get the glory instead of military might. If an unconcerned candidate wins the next election, then enough apathy will abound to allow for that to happen.

If we pray, vote, and put a strong ally of Israel in the White House, then perhaps the invasion would be postponed for fear of The United States. It could happen because Hezekiah prayed and received 15 more years of life. Read 2 Kings 20: 1-7. God told him he was to,"set thine house in order, for thou shalt die". If we can postpone this war by 15 years, then a lot more people will have the opportunity to be saved.

This is not the Battle of Armageddon that happens in Revelation. This battle must occur first to open the way for that battle. This battle God wins for Israel by using natural things like weather and wild animals. The different countries will turn on each other. Ezekiel 38:21-22. It will take Israel 7 months just to bury the dead. They will finally have citizens setting up markers by human bones they find, so the grave diggers can bury them. One commentator believes the Russians have made war implements out of a mixture of wood and some kind of glue, so the Israeli defense missiles can't find a target made of metal. Israel will use the wood, and not have to cut down any trees for 7 years. Ezekiel 39:9.

If it takes Israel 7 years to burn the wood, then this must occur before Tribulation, because Israel will cease to exist 3 1/2 years into it. They will be on the run the last 3 1/2 years serving as evangelists. There will be 12,000 from each tribe. That equals 144,000 missionaries preaching the Gospel and getting people to accept Jesus as their Savior. Revelation 7:3-8. When Satan catches one of them, or a new convert, he beheads them. Revelation 20:4. Looks like ISIS is pretty well organized even today.

The reason this war is important is because it removes Russia from being a world power, and allows China to participate in the Revelation Battle of Armageddon. How do we know China will be in it? Revelation 9:16 says there will be 200 million soldiers, and they are the only ones that can muster that big of an army. In Revelation 16:12 angel number 6 pours a vial upon the Euphrates River to make it go dry, to provide a "way for the kings of the East" to advance on Israel. China is East of Israel.

Of course there will be other armies against Israel too. Armageddon is not a real battle because Jesus will only speak, and the enemy soldiers' bodies will burst open making blood flow as deep as the bridle on a horse for 178 miles. Revelation 14:14-20.

It is an exciting time in which we live. Don't let Satan fool you, but be vigilant because Jesus is coming "as a thief in the night". I Thessalonians 5:2-3.

News Features - Mentor's Corner


The big one! It's coming, according to Tulsa geologist and 40-year plus oilman Bob Jackman. A long-time critic of the Corporation Commission and its handing of wastewater injection wells and their suspected link to causing earthquakes in the state, he's predicting the state is not only on track for a record number of 3.0 magnitude earthquakes or stronger, but much, much stronger ones.

Maybe a 7.0 magnitude quake.

"You get a 7 point earthquake—that means within 100 miles you're gonna have ground moving up and down approximately 20 to 30 feet—these are disastrous quakes," said Jackman in an interview with OK Energy Today.

Are we racing toward such a disastrous quake?

"That is a good word—race. Are we racing toward it? I'm looking at these charts right now," answered Jackman. "Yes, in time, does that mean in a year or another 18 months? Yes."

His charts indicate Oklahoma is likely to have at least 900 earthquakes 3.0 or stronger by the end of the year. By Monday of this week, they totaled 533 such quakes and Jackman figures by the current rate, we'll have at least 896 by the year's end. His charts reflect the state had 585 last year, each at least 3.0 magnitude or stronger.

"We've already had 533 this year and this is just amazing spikes upward—very scary."


Safety - Articles & Info


Large surge tanks stand on the "oil side" of Chevron's water recycling plant

I'm all for healthy skepticism of the oil industry. By its nature, it's a dirty, dangerous business. And let's face it, it has priors for obscenely reckless behavior. But a recent story in The Los Angeles Times went far beyond shedding light on questionable practices. To my reading, the May 3 article attempted to create a bogeyman with no factual basis for the sole purpose of scaring people. The article focused on the Cawelo Water District's program using recycled — and treated — oil field produced water for irrigation of crops northeast of Shafter. The purported point of the story was that greater interest in using oil field water because of the drought had raised concerns over the "adequacy of safety measures" protecting us from "toxic oil production chemicals."

Spoiler alert: After tests were released by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board last month, The Times had to admit in follow-up stories that the water is safe. That was a far cry from the newspaper's first story on Cawelo's program, which for about 20 years has used water from Chevron (500,000 barrels a day) and California Resources Corp. (CRC, 140,000 barrels a day) for irrigation. That story practically salivated with the implication that Cawelo farmers are watering grapes and oranges with toxic water.

And what about the fruit? (Cue the "Psycho" theme music.)

Even experts quoted in the Times story said they had no idea if possibly tainted irrigation water could produce harmful fruit. One source said soil microorganisms can take care of impurities before they ever get to the root system, much less the fruit. But, by golly, it was still a QUESTION OF CONCERN.

And let's not forget the scary numbers detailing what's supposedly in the Chevron/CRC water...


News Features - Energy News


Oil is down about 2% Monday morning, with US crude trading at $46.30/barrel. Today's spot price is only $3 above the low for the year ($43.46 on March 17).

This week, a new low could easily be set. Newspapers in Iran are boasting today that the country will raise output by 500,000 barrels a day within a week of sanctions ending. Meanwhile, Chinese factory runs fell to a two-year low for July reports today showed. Since China has provided half the world's oil demand growth over the past 15 years, any slowdown could exacerbate the current supply glut. And the fact that OPEC is producing about 32mmbpd (vs. quota of 30) is becoming more widely appreciated after a Reuters report Friday. OPEC calling the bottom for oil prices is doing little to stop hand wringing among speculators.

While we aren't in the habit of predicting oil prices at Oilpro, we do try to warn readers when our house view anticipates big swings ahead. One month ago with US oil prices at $60/barrel, we warned that another big leg down was coming for crude after doing the math shown on the next slide. Oil prices are down about 25% since that warning. The risk appears skewed to the downside from here .

News Features - Energy News

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